The Beauty of Potions


If I have to look at one more bloody cauldron I think I'll scream!

Oh Merlin why did I ever think this was going to be easy? Sure, good one Severus just pick up on some old, hell ancient research and come to some perfect conclusions in a couple of weeks. Bloody hell. I'll work a lifetime and never get this right.

But I have to, even if it does take the rest of my life. Because Remus is worth it. I will perfect wolfsbane, even if it takes all my life.
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Well, thank Merlin I've been sleeping in a certain Prefect's room in the tower.

I will never admit this, even under torture, but I would have paid Black fistfuls of Galleons to have see Macnair's face when he went down to his room.

It's a wonder that boy wasn't sorted Slytherin... oh dear Gods, Sirius Black, a Slytherin? I need a drink.
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I've sent the owls to my lover and... Black. I feel so Gryffindorish, perhaps a hot shower will wash that away.

The things I do for you Remus. You sexy bloody thing.
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I fear something will soon give. I'm happier now that I have been.. in longer than I can remember. Why do I fear that something is about to come out of the blue and destroy everything?

I've been working every free moment on the Wolfsbane potion, so many setbacks, but then again you learn more from failure than from gain. I will have a working potion ready before the full moon, but I doubt it will have any effect. There are just so many variables, so many combinations. At least I've reduced the toxins. It won't kill Remus, shouldn't even make him ill. It's still deadly to humans, but when working with aconite one has to always be careful. I have no doubt this will become my life's work.

It took the Ministry years to come up with a potion to kill werewolves, I hope it doesn't take me as long to make it a blessing for them instead.

And on that note, I need to return to my lab.
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Monday Evening

Severus had stopped by the great hall only long enough to grab a bite then made his way up to Remus' room. He didn't bother to knock, he knew he was expected.

This is far too comfortable Severus, you spend more time in the Gryffindor tower than you do in the Slytherin dorms. Quite lovely actually.

He chuckled as he let himself in, then quickly removed his robes and started on the many small buttons of his shirt.
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He dared to lay a hand on Remus... Let's see how he likes the next few days.

Fucking Bastard.
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The events of late have made me wonder if one can die of sexual tension. While Remus and I seemed to have worked through our... differences, we have yet to be left alone for more than ten minutes at a time. Perhaps I can convince the MoM that sexual tension is a justifiable excuse for using Adava Kedavra on gaggles of students who decide to DUEL IN THE BLOODY HALLS!

But I digress.

Between Prefects meetings, my tutoring schedule and whatever the bloody professors deem to assign as homework, I have seem Remus Lupin four times since masturbating in his bed.

Four. Times.

And all were across a LOUD FUCKING DINING HALL!

Again I digress.

Perhaps since Mr. Lupin is indeed a Prefect he'll be obligated to attend personally to a... 'minor disturbance' in the hall outside his bedroom. I believe it's time for me to speak to the Bloody Barron, and call in a favour in regards to Peeves...
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